We are a non-profit production company based in Trondheim, Norway.

Our goal

To get kids, teenagers and young adults into the entertainment industry and to develop talent amongst kids/teenagers/young adults.

What do we do?

We produce and create different stage productions, and now we’re venturing into doing concerts, events and festival production.

All of our projects are done by teenagers and young adults, from marketing to performing to costume making, with mentoring from different industry professionals. In this way we’re teaching them, giving them work and exposure and they get connections in the entertainment industry. Many of the talents we have worked with, has later on gotten job offers due to our productions.

Take a look at our Productions-page or our Facebook-page for pictures and information.

Jakob Godø Nordli

Jakob is the head and founder of Salieri Produksjoner. At 19 years old he has worked with some of the best in Norway and has performed all over the world, from USA to Singapore to Germany to performing in the Opera House in Oslo, Norway. He has more than 15 years of experience in acting, dancing and singing (classical, musical theatre, traditional folk music, yoik and improvisation), and also working as a scriptwriter and show producer the last few years. He knows how to make a great show!


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